About Scott

Hi, I’m Scott Prickett. Thank you for visiting my site.

I’m husband to Julie and a dad to three. Sometimes I say that I went from practicing law to practicing grace, but that’s too simple to describe the journey. I’ve been a middle manager, tank commander, business owner and practicing attorney. The education that I picked up along the way was better than any of the degrees that I’ve earned.

DSC00955As I work out God’s design for me, I seek to invest in people to facilitate their Kingdom purpose beyond the walls of a church. I want to equip and release people in their identity, purpose and ability to raise others to do the same.

I am likely one of the more non-traditional pastors you will come across but not for the sake of being edgy. I just deeply believe that the relationship God wants with us and for us with each other is real and raw and completely transparent. That means the polite, religious veil we sometimes opt for is sacrificed for the life that is available in authentic relationship.

I was raised in church, rebelled and raised a bunch of hell for many years and then was ruined by the love and grace of Jesus Christ. He wrecked me and I have never been the same since. I’m working His salvation out in my own life and, as I do, seek to give it away as much as possible.

If you would like to get in touch with me for any reason, please email me at: scott@scottprickett.com

The views I express through this blog are my own and don’t necessarily reflect the beliefs or views of any affiliations I have. As I continue to figure things out, my thoughts and opinions may change so hold what I share loosely while relying on the Word of God and a relationship with the Word Himself in your pursuit of truth. 


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