The Final Promotion

The day before the surgery, I texted my dad to tell him that I didn’t have any peace with the plan to open his chest up. By a prophetic nudge, I was prompted to make my concerns known to him. He answered back:


I can understand your concerns. I considered taking the stent route. Why would anybody think of having their chest cut open a second time? I just don’t have any faith that is a long-term fix and I don’t want to suffer a heart attack when one collapses.

Your mom and I both have prayed this thru and are at total peace with the choice. God has blessed us with good health and beautiful family and we have wanted for nothing. We believe he watches over us in all circumstances and our lives on earth will be as long or short as He wills.

I love you and take great pride in the man you have become. Take peace that we rest in the grace of God.


I’ve re-read this text time and time again. I’ve copied it and saved it. I value it and don’t want to lose it. I love how he calls me “Son” in it. I can hear his voice when I read it.

He had voiced much of what was in the text to my mother. He didn’t want to live in fear of a heart attack and was seeking a fix that would afford him the freedom to live. He still had passion for his purpose on earth, but if the surgery didn’t work out, he was completely comfortable with eternity as his next stop. He was completely assured of his salvation in Jesus and the promise of heaven. It was a compelling assurance vs. the compromise of a life lived on earth in fear and reservations.

The total peace that he had was real. That eternal peace wasn’t assurance of temporal outcomes. He knew he could die. Yet, he would live.

There is no way to live life with healthy zeal until and unless we know that life on earth is just the first chapter. All of eternity is available beyond the experience we have here and now. The next step is one into promotion. My father had been promoted a bunch of times in his career but nothing compared to this one.

It hurts from this perspective but the joy we can have for the ones that are promoted is available in Jesus. Without Jesus and His promise of eternal life, there is no hope beyond the pain of death. With Him, however, the sting of death is softened as death gives way to new life.

I really mean that, and so did my dad. So does Jesus.

8 thoughts on “The Final Promotion

  1. Scott, when I read this I see total freedom. The freedom to take risks, up to risking life. On this side the fabric the threads look messy, so may even say “a mistake”. But I can only imagine the WOW of the pattern on the other side. I am blessed to be able to read this.


  2. Scott
    Thanks for sharing Uncle Tommy’s words. Those are goals I want to reach in my life and with my boys. Peace in all things through God’s grace and pride in knowing I have truly raised Kingdom men. Too many times Ray gets in the way of Ray’s relationship with God, but we’re working on it…
    Thanks again Scott. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  3. Scott,

    My son, Jeremy Dymond, sent me the Fellowship of the Sword FB video you recently posted. He shared the you’re former military (as am I – USAF retired), a former (?) attorney (as am I – retired JAG & currently an Area Counsel for the Dept of Treasury), and now a pastor (I am not…) and Exec Director of FOS. So – I had to “google” you and landed on this post. I really like the message and would offer this slightly different perspective on death in this physical world. It is not original to me, it comes from a friend who is an incredibly dynamic speaker / teacher and prolific genius writer, Ken Boa. He describes this world as the spiritual womb. Just as our physical bodies grew and were formed in our mother’s physical womb we are in the process of forming our spiritual selves, including whether or not we develop a good relationship with the Father, in this life. The physical death is not an end unto itself, but rather merely the process of passing from the spiritual womb into our new life in the presence of God for eternity. And, depending on our spiritual “maturity” in this life we are able to walk in heaven in the here and now: “on earth as it is in heaven.”
    Thank you for all you do and having such a positive impact and influence on Jeremy. It’s great to see him walking with spiritual giants.

    • Thank you so much, it’s great to hear from you and I am honored that you would take the time to not only read the stuff that I shared, but offer this great insight and perspective. Jeremy is awesome, I’m sure that reflects in part a giant of a father.

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