Thanksgiving Changes Everything

Tomorrow we celebrate and remember as we give thanks. The opportunity we seize is available every day. If we choose to extend our appreciation beyond a November day, we will enjoy the benefits of a posture prone to betterment.

Thanks is available as a remedy despite challenges; not submitting to them. Where there are difficulties in our circumstances, faith and hope may be required to accompany thanks. Hope does not disappoint.

Hope defeats despair and provides fuel for transforming. Moving from the present reality to the future promise requires agreement in the form of hope.

By contrast, where there is abundance and blessings, recognition of their Source affords us the humility to be entrusted. When we are thankful, there is a posture of dependency which defers glory. Glory properly attributed gives way to glory multiplied.

Either condition, difficulty or decadence, is a gift for the development of our soul. When we can submit our mind, will and emotions in thanksgiving to the One that changes everything, He will change us for the better.

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