There Are Imprints on Our Soul and Glory Resides Within

Stuff happens, and it will happen again. Bad things are part of our stories and we’re not done dealing with things that we would prefer went another way. We’re going to have trouble for as long as we’re here.

That stuff makes imprints on our soul. Our soul, is the battleground of glory. God’s glory resides in our spirit, if we have received that glory through the sacrifice of Jesus. That means we have given up our lives for His. If so, the same Spirit that raised Him from the dead, lives within us. It’s in us for us, but also for the world. The intention is that we carry glory to put Him on display through our lives.

The soul, that is our mind, will and emotions, is all that stands between a world full of hurt and darkness and the glory of God which can radiate from us. The stuff that’s happened and is happening from that same world in need of a glimpse of His glory is leaving divot marks all over our soul. Our mind is confused by the messages of the world, our emotions are hurt and insecure as we work out our identity and our will wavers as we are work out God’s glory in our lives. We have scars, ditches, graffiti, and all kinds of other imprints and distractions in our soul.

We won’t walk into the fullness of our design, which is to be included in the great and glorious nature of the Kingdom of God, just because we are “good.” We won’t figure out the secret combination of perfection in our soul by reading more or attending more conferences. We’ll only free the Freedom within us by grace. Only where we rely on Jesus and His grace do we have a shot at the fullness of the purposes He has placed within us.

There are imprints on our soul and His Spirit will overcome every single one of them. By grace. By giving up. By not caring. By allowing Him. By agreement, not by performance. By identity, not by position.

Jesus, I yield myself and my wounded soul to You on this day. I give you my life because You gave me Yours. I believe Your glory is true and real and yield now to the greatness of You within me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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