Kingdoms are Colliding but You Have to Pick a Side

stars-collision-planets-astronautics-nasaI have a post on Facebook that has been converted into a boosted post which is, in effect, an advertisement. It pushes the message of the post out further than the immediate circle of friends that are connected to me. The topic of that post is simply a link with a short description of my new book.

To be honest, I am figuring out the best way to make the book and other things that I do available in the spirit of good stewardship without becoming a self-promoter. It’s not comfortable yet. From that discomfort, the reality is that this boosted post pushing my book proclaiming freedom in Christ is now “out there” for thousands of strangers to come across.

The other morning, there was a comment added to the post. The comment was a photograph and the photograph was depraved.  I deleted it and was reminded immediately that there is an enemy that comes against the Good News of the Kingdom of God. I was reminded that there is light and there is darkness, but there are no shades of gray.

The reminder that this kind of opposition persists was a good reminder. It was good to realize with fresh experience that Jesus won and we do through Him. My reaction to the photograph, other than deleting it, was to worship. I was in my car and I began to pray and sing. There were some great worship songs that came on over the radio and over the next 20 or 30 minutes I celebrated Jesus.

Yesterday morning Richard Henderson was reminded and shared with us that following Jesus is not balanced. There is no balance in a life given over to Him and His Kingdom. It’s unreasonable, unbalanced and uncommon. The weight of that reminder and the stirring of that weight resulted in a clearer vision of the clash of kingdoms. Light and darkness collide and you don’t want to be standing in the intersection of a collision. Pick a side and gain momentum.

“And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.” (Colossians 2:15)

He already won. We win in and through Him. We can know the fullness of abundant life and the glory of God when we die with Christ to live in Him. We’ll face opposition but that threat is a head fake. Nothing can undo what Jesus has done.

2 thoughts on “Kingdoms are Colliding but You Have to Pick a Side

  1. Scott, as always you are an inspiration to many. Especially those of us who are faced with many obstacles in life and work. But, as you so beautifully said, we are victorious in Him and our hearts are sealed by Holy Spirit. It makes it easier to face these obstacles when Father is foremost in your life and heart. Thanks for your ministry. I will forever be thankful for F T S and Michael and all the other facilitators at Quest.

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