Turning Insecurities into Security

freeIf you are interested in whether or not you are insecure, allow for new circumstances in your life. Where there is a new environment or new challenges, there are new insecurities that get exposed. These new circumstances can be as mundane as a new team member or a change in plans from what was expected or routine. In those changes, the questions arise which lay dormant until stirred up.

  • What if they don’t like me?
  • Do they notice me?
  • What is my place?
  • Why does that person get to do that instead of me?
  • How can I get promoted?
  • What if I fail?
  • Am I going to lose stuff I value?

The realization that things are out of our control is a gift that leads us to the end of us. When we get a glimpse at our limitations, we begin to realize our potential. We are, in fact, designed for great and glorious things but it’s not our responsibility to make those things happen. We simply agree.¬†Insecurity offers the opportunity to become secure.

Walking out a life of faith is walking out a life of relationship. The relationship is with the Father and the Father doesn’t want us to run ahead and do stuff “for” Him or even to “be used” by Him. He invites us to receive and be included. When we rest in that reality, we know the peace of security.

Even when we “get it,” that realization is limited by the prodigals of our soul which haven’t returned to the Father’s love and supply. There are parts of us the think we can make better decisions and produce better outcomes. Until those parts of us decide to head home to the love and rest of the Father’s estate, we strive and toil from an insecure place.

He’ll invite us into new things and those new things are for His glory and the advancement of His Kingdom. The fact that we are invited and included affirms our place in Him but those invitations also reveal the places within us that have not yet submitted to Him. If we will live the life of challenge and adventure that comes with a faith filled calling, we will enjoy the transformative process of redemption which turns our insecurities into security in Him.


4 thoughts on “Turning Insecurities into Security

  1. Thank you for your timely word. After moving and leaving friends and ministry in 2 cities, experiencing an “empty nest, ” and just generally feeling the need to be known, I am finally realizing that this insecure place is ordained by God. I am pressing in for a new foundation of grace: that supernatural empowerment to simply BE His daughter.

  2. My insecurity stems from a lack in confidence of my own self worth and abilities. There have been many times when l felt that things would have been better if l had not been around. At those times, l was reminded that my worth is in Jesus and His abilities, not mine. Where my confidence began to grow, was when l was an Investigator for the Government in the early 2000’s. My work, which was begun each day with my wife and l praying, was the best that l had ever done. As the top, or next to the top investigator, in the district, and top ten percent in the company, l began to realize that He was the source of my ability to make people who l talked to reveal things they had not told others or was hiding from people. This gave me the moniker of ” preacher.” It really boosted my desire to become the best that l could be.

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