No Need to Mediate the Acceptance of a Promise

mediationA few months ago, I completed training to become a mediator. Mediation is the practice of conflict resolution. Mediators draw each party in a conflict or impasse to a common ground of agreement where possible. They don’t negate the conflict, they find a solution for it which both parties can agree on.

Galatians 3 says that we, as people, needed a mediator when we were under the law of Moses. When that law was given, it was through angels to Moses as a mediator between God and man. There was a conflict that needed resolution. The conflict was between a Holy God and a rebellious people. To re-connect and agree there needed to be go-between.

By contrast, through Jesus, we are heirs to the promise of Abraham. The blessing of Abraham available to us through Jesus is not mediated, but given directly. There is no mediator, because there is no conflict. The law of Moses had to be negotiated to reach agreement and those negotiations were ongoing and dependent on compliance. The promise of Abraham simply has to be received through Jesus.

Any time we start conditioning our receipt, we move from the promise to the conflict. When we think we can do better, we actually reject a free gift and enter into negotiations for a lesser possibility.

Jesus died for our sin and that requires no counter-offer. There is nothing we can do to put ourselves in a better position to be better. It’s only Him and His sacrifice that affords us the receipt of the benefits. Grace is dependent on receipt without conditions, otherwise it isn’t grace but conflict. When we add conditions to our performance and behavior, we reject grace.

Grace is available to us not only for restoration to God for salvation and eternity, but also for the purposes we have in living here and now. We are invited into His purposes in this life and the only way to accept that invitation is as a gift. If we begin to negotiate by attempting to show Him how capable we are in the carrying out of His business, we reject the gift and make it a job interview. That’s a negotiation that requires a mediator as conflict arises between His righteousness and our attempts and self-righteousness. If we are good enough, then it isn’t His business anymore.

We are accepted by a promise, not a law. God promised and He delivered on that promise through Jesus. The law was a place holder in between the promise and the Delivery. Don’t go back and negotiate things that are already resolved. Just enjoy the benefits of the relationship.

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