Grace on Display Puts Identity in Focus

romoThis post isn’t really about Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys so don’t let that prompt a premature judgment. I have to say that because I am acutely aware of both the pride that can be taken in following that franchise as well as the disdain others have for everything associated with it. This, however, isn’t really about that.

Tony Romo is a quarterback in the latter part of his career who has battled injuries for the past few years. He has, at times, had tremendous success and led the team exceptionally well. He has also occasionally been involved with failures or mistakes that have come at critical times late in the season.

He was injured early this preseason and unable to play. The team’s backup quarterback also got hurt and the net result was that a mid-round draft pick who was passed over by every other team became the starter. That unexpected starter is Dak Prescott. Dak has performed incredibly well, for a rookie or otherwise, and the team is winning.

He’s ready to come back but this kid and the team are on a roll. Do you give the job back to the loyal and talented veteran or stick with the hot hand? Tony ended the debate this week with an unprecedented press conference. He stood in front of microphones and shared that Dak has earned the right to keep the job. As he read his statement, you could feel his emotion. This wasn’t easy for a man who likely still believes he is the best quarterback on the team.

Tony’s grace, honor and security were what caught my attention. Cowboys fan or not, Tony Romo fan or not, take note of what honor looks like. Take note of what security in your identity sounds like. Take note of how grace interacts with others.

I don’t know Tony’s spiritual condition, although I hear through the grapevine that he has an active faith and attends an excellent church in the area. What I do know, however, is that he looked like a son of God this week. He looked like a man who knew who he was and, despite difficult human emotions, rested in the provision and promotion of a Father who has plans for his future. He looked like a man who knew what it was to rest in the Father’s promises and not scramble and strive to make a way for himself.

Sometimes we need to see what it looks like to be reminded of who we are. I was reminded of who I am this week by a man that I’ve never met. He showed me the strength of deference and the power of humility. It’s good to see and be reminded.

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