Donald Trump Is Not An Evangelical Leader

donald-trump-1547274_1920_0Donald Trump is not an evangelical leader. The reason this statement is necessary is because so-called “evangelicals” have portrayed him as one. He isn’t and neither is Hillary or W. or any other politician. The reason this is important is because the misperception is negatively impacting evangelism.

Evangelism is, by google’s definition, “the spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or by personal witness.” The “Christian gospel” is the good news of Jesus Christ. That good news is that He died to restore us to relationship with a Father that loves us and created us for the satisfaction that comes with fellowship with Him. That’s not what any politician is doing, nor is it what they should be doing.

Christians all over the United States have aligned with a political party and/or a particular candidate with various statements of how this is what God wants. If God would have intended for the good news of Jesus Christ to be spread by legislation produced from the political process, Jesus would have been a politician. The plan wasn’t, and isn’t, to restore others to relationship with a Father that loves them by way of a governmental system.

When we align with politicians so zealously, we subvert the purposes of the intended evangelists. The plan for evangelism is, and always has been, intended to be carried out by those that have been restored to the love of the Father by the grace of Jesus. If that’s you; you are the evangelist. You know the good news; tell somebody.

When we are using our relational collateral to tell others about the political parties, positions or candidates we think best represent our views, we sacrifice the actual views. The good news gets lost in the debate of things that are not eternal and issues that are not primary. The grace of Jesus and love of the Father gives way to arrogance of political competition.

If we’ll remember whose job representation of Jesus is, it will drive our public discussion towards Him, and not things we think He wants people to do. Our recognition of eternal purpose will re-align our passion from political victory to Kingdom expansion. It will reach out to hearts that are hurting and alienated and in desperate need of good news. If we’ll remember the people who Jesus died for, we’ll be more likely to quit alienating them for purposes we want to make our lives about.

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