Vote Today, Then Decide

voteLove doesn’t control, but it allows. It allows for rejection and rebellion. Since it allows for those things, it allows for the consequences of those things as well.

We, as a nation, choose a president today. We have been afforded the love of God by allowing us to reject His love and rebel against His truth. We are increasingly seeing the consequences of our godlessness in our nation.

I don’t believe any informed observer would claim with good conscious that the two predominant candidates are anything less than flawed. Yet, they reflect the choices of the American people. We are allowed to choose representatives that have not consistently embraced God’s truth to the extent that it shows up in their character. We also get to deal with whatever consequences these leaders bring.

The beauty of consequences is that they cause the one feeling the sting of bad choices to consider what better options they have. Where there has been rebellion, the consequences of rebellion allow for re-consideration of submission. The rebel can change their mind, or repent, and return to the benefits of the protection and provision that come with Headship.

We have not been one nation under God in quite some time. We have chosen to be a nation of many little gods, where everybody’s individual and flawed emotions, opinions, offenses and preferences drive the agenda. Our direction is without direction and our source is ourselves. Truth is subjective so it isn’t absolutely true at all and honor is no apparent consideration in most aspects of our society, certainly not government.

We are not well, but there is an invitation to change. There is an invitation back to wellness. If we choose to turn back to the love of God and allow His love to change us, things will change. This can’t be a governmental program or law passed, it has to be the mustard seed of one heart. One heart chooses and the testimony of their life points another heart to the same choice. Then another, then another.

Vote today, then decide. Decide what areas of your life are in need of submission to receive the love of God. Allow Him to change you and then share life with others. He can change them, too, but you can’t. Just share your story transparently; the good, the bad and the ugly. You didn’t change by a mandate, guilt or shame, but by His love. That’s how “they” can change, too.


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