The Exponential Power of a Life Multiplied

shuttleI was watching a documentary on television about the space program and my son asked, “is that a rocket ship?” When I told him it was, he said, “it doesn’t look like a rocket ship.” Later in the program, the space shuttle was highlighted and he said, “that looks like a rocket ship.”

Rocket ships have changed and the ones that looked normal to me from my childhood were outdated to him. There is a new normal and there was no consideration that the current thing has developed exponentially beyond what it was originally capable of about 50 years ago.

The marketplace has changed so drastically over the last twenty years that everything business thought they knew has been challenged. Systems and processes captured in organizational dynamics and structures have given way to the entrepreneurial flow of a generation that isn’t bound by the rules. Everything is moving faster because it’s controlled differently.

The potential for exponential impact and multiplication is greater than it’s ever been. With the advent of the internet and developing technology on practically every front, we can reach beyond ourselves exponentially reaching people that we will never know.

The Kingdom of God is intended to be exponential. That is, one life is impacted and impacts another that impacts another and so on. In short order, the impacted lives from the impacting life are so far removed that you don’t know the stories of transformation.

I wrote some blogs last week that took off a bit and were seen around the world. They got attention from people who I’ll never meet. That was a glimpse into the exponential impact of the internet. It is but a shallow reflection, however, of the potential for life transformation when engaged with and investing in others.

I just turned 49 and am convinced that I am about to hit my stride. I believe the coming season is where things start to multiply. We are in an age where multiplication is more achievable than ever and I am at an age where multiplication is desirable for legacy. The Kingdom should stir this in one way or another in all of us.

How are you multiplying the life and gifts that God has given you? Are you investing in such a way that others are given what you have to invest themselves? Is the impact you can envision beyond the restraints of your contacts? Ask to see how God wants to expand His Kingdom exponentially through you and release the restraints of a lens that depends on control, credit or reward to allow the fullness of a life surrendered.

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