Kaepernick Should Stand But Tebow Shouldn’t?

kaepernick-colin040116-getty-ftrjpg_uud2ztbqm3ni1fqoqvm69pcsdColin Kaepernick won’t stand up for the national anthem. I suspect many of the same people who defended Tim Tebow’s right to kneel as an expression of his faith are the most upset about it. That group tends to bunch up as conservative, white Republicans that claim Christianity as their faith. Their Republican views and their Christian beliefs kind of intermingle, jumping between the Constitution and the Bible, relying on whichever is most convenient. Oh, yeah, demographically I guess you’d have to include me in that group (although not always in my behaviors and opinions, I hope).

If Tebow should be allowed to kneel, then Colin has to be allowed to sit. You can’t have it both ways. Freedom is freedom and the cost is that others get to disagree with you in their freedom, too. The Constitution says so.

There are limits to of these kinds of expressions when protests infringe on the rights of others. You can’t hurt other people when you voicing your opinions. Neither of these guys have hurt anybody by their bodily posture at a football game, yet both drew a reaction with Colin being ripped most recently.

There is an irony in the choice both of them have made in that neither has hurt anybody and I don’t suspect either changed anybody’s mind, either. I doubt anybody ever converted to Christianity because Tebow would kneel. In fact, it seems like some non-Christians got upset about Christianity because Tebow was so bold about it.

In the same way, it doesn’t appear the justice issues are getting any attention because Kaepernick is sitting. In fact, some that are in the racial majority are getting upset about race and the tension therein because Kaepernick is being so bold about it.

First and foremost, white Republican views are not exclusively Christian and Christians do not manifest as white Republicans. It’s critical to stop intermingling the cause of Christ with the causes of a particular political party or race.

For those that are Christ followers who find themselves offended by the Kaepernick protest, why are you so sensitive to whether or not everyone agrees with everything you say and think? Why do you need everyone to kneel, sit, stand and sing exactly when you think they should because that’s when you would? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate, based on your faith as well as the Constitution, to respectfully consider their perspective which doesn’t hurt you one bit?

It’s appears that some adopted “WWID?” or “What Would I Do?”

9 thoughts on “Kaepernick Should Stand But Tebow Shouldn’t?

  1. No problem with protesting when based upon facts. Kaepernick’s protest is based upon falsehoods. Statistics regarding police shootings and blacks murdering blacks prove his protest premises to be wrong. More whites are killed by police and and more blacks are killed by blacks….why doesn’t he protest what’s going on in the black communities. Why doesn’t he contribute time, energy and money to these communities instead of sitting on his proverbial bottom?

    • Thanks for your comment, Dean. Obviously, the first amendment allows for rebuttal in contrast to the speech that protests. While I have interest in the legal and ethical circumstances, my greater passion is for the hearts of believers in Jesus to connect with people as ministers of reconciliation.

      • I really enjoyed this because it caused me to stop and think. My first reaction was anger…in fact, that’s usually my first reaction when I disagree with someone. That is a heart problem for me that needs to be dealt with. I appreciate the honesty in your post.

  2. Their Republican views and their Christian beliefs kind of intermingle, jumping between the Constitution and the Bible, relying on whichever is most convenient.

    You noticed this too. And not necessarily correct readings of either, or so it seems to me.

  3. Why would anyone remain in a nation they do not respect? If you have the means to leave, why do you remain? If you have specifics that you disagree with or do not like, begin making public comment. The national anthem and the flag are representative of the greatest nation on earth where everyone is free and have the same rights. We are equal under the law. I don’t care how he expresses his opinions. What did he do before that day when he decided not to stand? Why did he choose this particular method to express his “feelings”?

    To my knowledge, no one is killed for not standing during the playing of the national anthem or, hold their right hand across their chest (heart) while reciting the pledge of allegiance. However, history shows us where people have been killed simply because of the color of their skin, their ideology, sexual orientation, on and on.

    I think it is disrespectful but, in the end, it did not hurt anyone except, he lost the respect of many people. How he values that is something he has to deal with, not me or anyone else.

    He is a celebrity. That is the only reason this is a big deal.

    (Sorry for being so wordy).

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  5. Right on. I’m a liberal Christian living in a Conservative Christian world. Sometimes I feel like the kneeler of the world…….I also don’t understand how many Christians mingle politics and the Bible with patriotism. Truly confusing…..

  6. Sit or stand it has nothing to do with religion. It is honor and respect towards our country. If you cannot stand for your own country and give it the respect it deserves, then get out of our country. Honestly people from other countries have shown more respect for Americas flag then it’s own citizens. If you’re going to protest something then go ahead, but find a respectful way to do so.

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