The Multiplication of Contentment

storm wallThe view from the dream is different from the view upon fulfillment of the dream. That is, when we want something and imagine the greatness of what it would look like if we were to get it, once we do it’s not as perfect as we had imagined. From the distant place, we imagine the new reality without flaw. That’s pretty much never the case once we get there.

An active faith allows for God’s faithfulness to be manifest in our lives. When we believe Him and agree with Him, He will come through. He isn’t a genie and we don’t always get what we want. When He says it, however, it will be true. So we pray and agree and look for the day of deliverance into those things He has indicated are promised. Then we get them and want something just a little different.

Julie and I have been on an incredible journey for the last decade or so. We’ve been transformed individually, as a couple, in our calling, circumstances and practically every other way. Yet, there’s stuff that we wish were different. There’s stuff we wish were different about ourselves individually, marriage, family, finances, circumstances, etc. That stuff is smack down in the middle of a great big testimony of the faithfulness of God in our lives.

Going from glory to glory requires the agitation of some desire. That desire for new glory, however, is not at the cost of contentment. It’s the producer of contentment. From one glory to the next, there is always something to be worked out so at each station along the way, we might as well enjoy and accept the circumstances we experience.

We can gain and we can advance, but 1 Timothy 6:6 says, ” . . .¬†godliness with contentment is great gain.” The contentment is the multiplier.

When we were called to Virginia several years ago, I really didn’t want to go. I liked where we were and preferred to stay. Somewhere along the way, the Lord worked out stuff within me that took me from agitated by the fact that we weren’t where I wanted to be to content. As soon as I was able to sincerely declare contentment and was willing to stay or go, God opened doors that have multiplied every area of our lives.

We walked through the doors to the new opportunities for multiplication that were born in the contentment and all along the way there were challenges. Today there are challenges. The choice is clear; content or discontent?

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