Avoiding Weird and Staying Alive

3d-earth-globeWhile knowledge is necessary, if treated as the goal pride takes over sooner or later. Knowledge begs for the company of wisdom and revelation. Revelation illuminates knowledge and wisdom applies it. Knowledge is the fuel for wisdom and revelation and, therefore, the fuel for walking in spirit and truth.

Wisdom and revelation as well as spirit and truth require each other. One or the other without both in order will leave things out of balance. The wording is specific; it’s “and” in between spirit and truth as well as spirit and truth, not “or.” If we get stuck on either side of an “or” where the “and” belongs, we end up dead on the inside or just plain flaky and weird.

Think of wisdom being horizontal and revelation being vertical. Wisdom is living among other people and circumstances that are tangible. We can see, touch and feel the application of wisdom. Wisdom is proven in the things that we do and the results those things produce.

Revelation is Spirit to spirit. It’s the open conduit between heaven and earth. It’s relationship with the God that is invisible yet relational.

Jesus came to close the gap and connect the dots. He is the only way to worship in spirit and truth because he was tangible and is invisible. He’s been both so we can be both. He’s the Way in. If we stick a “or” where the “and” is, we reject the fullness of Jesus.

If we depend only on truth and wisdom that can be learned, mastered, and completely understood we will dry up. There is limited life in the things that we can control. We will reject the breath of God when we limit our relationship to things we can learn. Sooner or later, to some degree, we’ll beat people up with our limited understanding of truth.

If we depend on only spirit and revelation with the foundation of the Word of God for wisdom and truth, we’ll be flaky, weird and open to error. Even if we get it right, without wisdom, we’ll likely just freak everybody out. God speaks, I’m sure of it, but He’s speaking for His glory, not your ministry. His glory draws people to Him, it doesn’t freak them out.

Worship is a lifestyle and the lifestyle is both spirit and truth; wisdom and revelation. It’s horizontal and vertical for the life and breath of God applied to the life we now live. It’s not balance, it’s both.

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