Spirit and Truth in Wisdom and Revelation

3d-art-horseThe “how to” is usually the thing that we want to know next. Once we hear something we agree with, the natural next response is something like, “yeah, but how do I do that?” It’s a healthy thing unless we are looking for a checklist of rules to follow as orphans seeking approval. Doing it isn’t about approval, it’s about agreement.

When considering the calling from John 4 that is worshipping in spirit and truth, the “how to” is touched on by Paul in the first chapter of Ephesians. He is writing to people he raised up and loves and tells them that he’s praying for them to receive the “Spirit of wisdom and revelation.” He’s praying for them to get the “how to.”

First of all, the “how to” is in and depends on the Holy Spirit. We only have a shot at realizing the promise through Him. We receive Him, we don’t impress Him enough to reward us. He provides the wisdom and revelation necessary for walking out the life Paul taught them about.

Knowledge is necessary as raw materials for the wisdom that is being produced through the experiences we allow. We “allow” experiences by saying “yes” to the invitations of God from one glory to the next. We obtain wisdom by agreeing with the Lord in the things He is calling us into despite the fact that those things will often take us to uncomfortable circumstances. It’s in those challenging circumstances that our knowledge adds the color and depth of experience and our character is matured.

The “yes” to the invitations require revelation. There has to be some prophetic insight into where God is calling you to agree with Him. There has to be relationship with the Counselor to receive the counsel. Revelation is the 100th time you read the same thing and, all of a sudden, it comes alive for you personally and then doing it.

Wisdom is the application of knowledge that has the depth of experience. Wisdom requires knowledge, but it’s more than the accumulation of information. Wisdom is as dependent on our character as it is our education and character is built through perseverance. Perseverance requires trials. The accumulation of wisdom depends on experiencing discomfort.

Worshippers that worship in spirit and truth receive and live in agreement with wisdom and revelation. There is relationship with the One they worship and their worship is their life, not a song. A life poured out in agreement with God’s purposes is worship that reaches every aspect of that life. It’s a life that gets all over everybody around it as it spills over far beyond any single worship service.

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