Cruising or Commissioned?

pirate-ship36This deal is supposed to be lived out in 3D. We are invited into a depth that cuts through the fog and actually can make a difference. We aren’t invited into a theoretical discussion, we are invited into an adventure and we are given a treasure map. Little by little, we get to see what the clues on the map actually mean.

When Jesus met the woman at the well, He told her that the former things were not going to be the future things. God is Spirit and He is seeking worshippers that worship in spirit and truth. That was a shift from where things were and it’s a shift from where many professing Christians¬†to this day hang out.

He wasn’t talking about songs or singing. He was talking about life and living. Worship is a life dedicated to the One that you sell out for. We were at a friend’s house the other night and they had a picture that was taken in the United Kingdom. It is a picture of graffiti on a bridge that says, “Find something you love and let it kill you.” That’s worship.

Worship isn’t worship if it’s reduced to three “up” songs and two “down” songs taking up a grand total of 22 minutes and ending on cue because the announcements need to be next. Songs and singing are a byproduct of a life lived from a passion that goes “all in.” Those lives and that worship are what carry the viral and organic message of hope in a King.

Worshippers that worship in spirit and truth are those that have His Spirit within them. He accompanies them as they attempt to walk out truth. The truth of the words that they’ve read come alive as they actually experience the encounters of heaven on earth. The adventure isn’t confined to the library and worship isn’t limited to a church service.

This worship of spirit and truth is, first and foremost, out there. It’s taking the Kingdom to the places that need the message of hope and reconciliation. It’s walking as priests and kings in places where we are trained as doctors, lawyers, teachers, mechanics and other vocations which afford us access. Our access isn’t only to make enough money to go on a nice vacation, it’s to walk in the depth of spirit and truth.

The job of church leaders is to minister, teach and lead in a way that equips others for the work of the ministry. If the show is about the leader, then it’s not church anymore, it’s a cruise ship. The equipping is for sending out to live out the passion of the commissioning that comes from the King. Are you cruising or commissioned?

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