Back to the Basics

1903_Flyer_Blueprints_Plate_1When there is anxiety about the plan, go back to the blueprint. When in doubt, get back to the core to simplify perspective and eliminate worry. As the world is seemingly falling apart and there is no political candidate that many of us deem hopeful, we can choose to change our perspective.

At the unfolding of the Kingdom, Jesus was not concerned in the least with impacting the authority of the day. The Romans were an oppressive conquering government and Jesus simply taught to give them the taxes they are due. The Pharisees were the ruling religious class among the Jews and Jesus rejected any strategy of changing their minds as His method for transformation.

In John 4, Jesus learns that they are aware of His ministry gaining momentum and He chooses to leave the area. A few chapters earlier, in John 1, when John the Baptist was noticed by the religious leaders they asked him if he was the Christ, the Messiah or Savior. It stands to reason, then, that the question would come up for Jesus as the religious leaders noticed Him and His ministry.

Jesus leaves and heads to Galilee but stops for some water in Samaria. He meets a woman at the well who was living in an adulterous relationship and had five husbands. The Samaritans were a rejected people and she was a rejected person among them. In their interaction, she mentions that the Messiah is coming and Jesus tells her that He is, in fact, that Messiah. He announces and unfolds the Kingdom among the least and the rejected when He could have had an audience of influence with those that influence.

The Kingdom of God is an uprising, not a mandate. Government and the upper crust of religious society were never intended to be the multiplying agent of the Kingdom of God. It was always designed to be a viral movement among those that could realize their need for a Savior.

Among the news of the terrorists attacks, the outrageous political landscape and cultural changes to the moral standards of society, we need to get back to the design. If we can see ourselves through the lens of our need for a Savior and others through the intention of Jesus for them, the rest of the news of the day will fade to insignificant. The truth and life and hope of the Kingdom of God within us and through us will supersede any worry about the events around us.

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