Squeezing Too Tight

Squeeze-Globe-Public-Domain-300x300You know what we all want? Control. We all want to be in control. We all want to be under control. We all want control. Here is the problem; control is an illusion.

No matter how in or under control we think we are, there are some set of variables, hypothetical or otherwise, that can frustrate our grip. There is no absolute control. Absolute control is temporary, if not fleeting. For every move, there is a counter-move. The infinite possibility of counter-moves outnumbers the finite capacity to maneuver.

When we are overly focused on our desire to control, it takes us down roads of insecurity and fear. We squeeze tighter every time we smell our own fear born out of our own lack of control. We increasingly panic in a futile attempt to get back what we never had.

I wish this were not true for Christ followers, but we may be worst of all. We see evil and react with good and think that good will insulate us from any brush with evil, but it won’t. We have victory in Jesus, but the facts of a fallen world all around us suggest defeat constantly. When we lose sight of Him in the fog of it, we are likely more panicked than those with no faith at all. For those with no faith, they can give in to the darkness. We actively try to oppose it.

Spiritual warfare is agreeing with Him, not supplementing Him. Jesus hung on a cross and replaced the curse with a blessing. It is finished. When the suggestions of the curse threaten our experience of the blessing, the place of restoration is back in the One that brought the blessing in the first place. We don’t need to re-create the sacrifice or supplement the victory. We need to rest in what is done.

God is in control. He is sovereign and will not be frustrated in His eternal purpose. That doesn’t mean we won’t experience temporal setbacks, but those setbacks feel like His eternal purpose is off track because we’ve replaced Him with us. In other words, we’ve tried to control and be sovereign. When the results don’t meet our purpose, we try to help Him in what we expect from Him for us. It’s not about us.

Christianity is a call into the blessing, in as much as we share in the suffering. There is no control because there is no easier way than the way Jesus made for us and the way that Jesus made for us is through the Cross. Lack of control ensures difficulty, but it also holds the promise of redemption and glory.

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