Invitation into Epic

raftIn my mid-30’s, I read a book written by Bob Buford called “Half Time; From Success to Significance.” That book, among other stimulus around the same time, changed everything for me. It was a catalyst that led me to change the lens through which I view opportunity and purpose and it was the mechanism that most singlehandedly changed my “want to.”

I had been working in corporate America and was increasingly dissatisfied. Some of the dissatisfaction was from corporate politics and compromise and some was simply exposure of the way that I was wired. Half Time gave me permission to explore endeavors that were more about the depth and opportunity to make a difference than they were about personal achievement. It was an invitation into the adventure.

John Eldredge, who has also been a major influence, just released a movie called “A Story Worth Living,” which is about the thing that is within each of us which calls out to be a part of something epic. In Biblical language, it’s the call of Jesus into the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. It’s agreeing with Him in the advancement of His purposes and plans in the lives of others.

We are all invited and God is faithful. It costs everything and is much more difficult than the typical track. The shaping of credentials for involvement in the Kingdom comes at the expense of our soul. It has to be crucified to allow His Spirit to live in those places we previously reserved for us. Transformation comes from the inside out as we increasingly learn to let go of everything that we otherwise squeeze for comfort and security. He has to be our only Source.

I haven’t arrived and I don’t have it all figured out and, at the same time, I’ve seen enough and know from experience that He is faithful. Jesus will transform you and include you. You’ll get to go places and do things that you never dreamed of when you jump off the cliff of the predictable and into the unknown of a journey with the Holy Spirit.

If you’ve ever considered or engaged in Christianity and found it to be boring, re-consider your experience in the context of the Kingdom adventure that I’m referencing. Did you go “all-in” and burn the ships of return to what you used to know or were you a casual Sunday visitor? Casual gets you killed; from the inside out.

Jesus is inviting each and every one of us into the epic adventure of eternity and the only promise is Him. The rest is up in the air as His ways are not our ways and we can’t take our stuff on His trip; we have to leave it behind and that’s scary. Interested? If so, tell Him, jump in and hold on.


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