Eyes of Fire

fire eyeIt’s not time to panic; it’s time to remember. Despite all the drastic and rapid changes to a culture that seems to disagree with all it used to stand for, the sky is not falling. Well, in the sense that it is falling, it’s not a surprise. Target restrooms have led to presidential decrees regarding public school restrooms the many are subjected to the preferences of the few. In fact, the many have agreed with the preferences of the few. There are a different few within the many, however, that disagree.

Culture is in chaos, as I discussed in a previous post, and Christ followers need to get used to the idea that the culture war is lost. The good news is, however, that we were never intended to win that battle. The efforts of the moral majority and religious right to legislate morality and/or faith was doomed to fail from the start. It’s not the plan.

Jesus has His own plan and it culminates with His return. In between where we are now and when He returns, culture will get less tolerant of things the moral majority and religious right were championing. Christianity will enjoy the kind of revival that can only come with pressure. Revival will require discomfort but the net result is the manifestation of the Comforter. Holy Spirit is easily recognizable where He is the only hope.

“His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself.” (Revelation 19:12)

Jesus has eyes like blazing fire and He has seen what is coming for eternity. He is not surprised or dismayed. He is not panicking over the state of our union but assured in the promise of His kingdom. Eyes of blazing fire don’t blink.

As things evolve and beliefs become increasingly objectionable to non believers, we need eyes to see. We need His eyes. We need the piercing vision of eyes that are like blazing fire to see past the temporal and into the eternal. We can’t get so excited about transgender restrooms that we miss the message of eternity.

Jesus wins. It’s finished. Realization of His victory is not ours to manufacture. There’s stuff He knows that we don’t, like the name written on Him. If we’ll see Him, and agree with Him in how He sees things and how He sees and loves people, we’ll enjoy the royal position He has paid for. We’ll wear the crowns of co-heirs in agreement with His absolute victory and not be sucked into the fearful contest of a culture war that was never intended to be the victory.

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