Sitting and Waiting

tow trucksYesterday, I had a blown tire first thing in the morning. Not great, but not the end of the world. Didn’t take long to get the spare on and head to the tire store. Then the spare blew out, too. No kidding. Limped to a safe place off the road and called roadside assistance. Towing is free through my insurance so that was the plan.

Sat there for an hour, then two and eventually three. Three hours on the side of the road doing nothing but waiting. They were supposed to be there within 90 minutes but one status check phone call after another proved fruitless. The whole thing, start to finish, ended up taking about five hours.

There was a benefit in the middle of it. The benefit was that it was out of my control. All I could do was sit there and be. I don’t like that as much as I prefer going and doing. In this case, I was forced into nothing.

Since I had my phone and my phone has a computer, I didn’t check completely out but my production was negligible. The day was happening all around me and there wasn’t much I could do about it. I had to choose to try to relax in it or spit into the wind.

We need to stop. Phones and computers didn’t make us more efficient to free up time, they made us more accessible to take up time. We need to guard our time.

Rest is a skill. Unplugging from the demands of routine brings the value of plugging into the Source of life. If and when we’ll step away and allow for time with God to recharge us, we have juice to run into the fray.

It shouldn’t take a flat tire, flat spare and late truck to force me to slow down and just be. The fact is, it did and it often does. Even in that time, I scratched and clawed for control. It’s a skill that I am working on.

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