Heading Home

landscape-large-house-and-driveway_w580_h373All we have to do is start. Without starting, we’ll never get there. Hope will fade with the delay of change. Things can change, we can improve, glory can increase, but not stuck in the muck of yesterday’s choices.

We believe what we choose. We can say we believe in the love of the Father, the grace of Jesus and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit but if we actually believe, our choices will reflect that declaration. Belief isn’t about our knowledge, it’s about our will. Reliance on something other than us reflects belief in Someone bigger than us. Information about that same Someone doesn’t equate to belief reflected in trust and manifest in choices.

Where there is sin and the consequences of sin in our lives, things can get better if we’ll stop acting on the same things that landed us in those places of depravity. Repentance requires a turn and a step, not just a passive acceptance that there is a better way. Repentance requires the orphan to step back towards the Father.

When we have been born again, the Holy Spirit is testifying with our spirits that we are His kids and He loves us. If we’ll start back towards Him, the testimony of God’s love for us from the inside out will flood our souls. In our most tangible, external choices of behavior, the decision to start back towards God where we have excluded Him set us on a  collision course to know His love.

As we change our will and He testifies with our spirit, His love is flooding from our spirit and over our soul to collide within us. The transformation of the prodigal is internal, not external. and the homecoming welcome party is love, joy and peace in our mind, will and emotions. We can enjoy His grace and acceptance every time we start back as He meets us at the end of the driveway.

The story of the prodigal isn’t about our college years, it’s day-to-day as we consider the areas of our beliefs that still rely on us over Him. It’s the working out of our salvation from within us as we change the choices manifested outside of us. As we remember how good it was when we met Him and how faithful He has been every other time we returned home, we change our mind and head home again.


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