Inviting Freshness

flaresSometimes different is better and challenges are gifts. We can get into such a routine that we don’t stop to consider what the real opportunity is. Doing good is good but allowing more is best. Those times that our plans are frustrated invite relief that can’t be managed. I had one of those times recently.

We were cruising along in ministry, doing the deal. The truth of the matter is that it is entirely possible to do Christian ministry without Christ. On its face, that seems incredibly bad and it isn’t good, but maybe not as terrible as it seems. He equips us and commissions us to engage in the lives of others on His behalf and there are times we just need to do that. Go too long on your own ability, however, and everything will run dry.

There was a small change that had to happen that caused me to stop and ask, “OK, we usually do something right here that we can’t do now, so what do You want to do?” And I waited.

It was in that time of pause that He breathed. The faithfulness of God came in the need of the moment. Waiting and listening and discerning and obeying opened the door to His faithfulness being manifest in a place where He is typically faithful. If we had done what we normally did, it would have been good; this time it was supernatural.

God comes with a fresh breath and timely word where we don’t depend on yesterday’s recipe for making manna. I saw the opportunity in a new way and knew the reward of the risk in this fresh expression, as well.

Jesus said that He came to heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free and He’ll do that, no matter our efforts. We can be included in the accomplishment of His ministry if we don’t make His ministry our ministry. It’s always His and we are included. He invites us into what He is doing and when we simply agree, the dynamic is incredible. There are gifts that flow and the gift recipients are changed as are the one that deliver the gifts from Him.

It’s easy to get good at this stuff. We can sing and dance and control and maneuver and few will know the difference. Everyone realizes, however, when it’s not a show but it’s literally heaven on earth and it comes in the freshness invited in the surrender.

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