Worth the Wait

Patiently-Waiting_Geralt_Pixabay-Public-DomainI just got back from a Quest and saw it again. I saw the difference between the way we normally try to do things and the way that things work. The consistency of the power of encounter is amazing and transformative time and time again. The value of waiting on eternal things by temporarily getting away is infinite.

Once again, God changed lives from the inside out when we stepped away from the outside stuff that distracts us. He met the men on this Quest, including myself and the staff, in ways that only He can. I am reminded of the power of holding and not needing to fix things for others who are seeking for themselves. The wait allows for the change.

We are so accustomed to seeking information that will make things different. When we draw near to God, we get transformation. One word from Him changes what a library of books and lifetime of sermons can’t address. The books and the sermons have new meaning as we are new from the encounter.

Life gets on us and in us and we carry around hurts and lies that distort our perspective. The unpacking of those lies starts with looking at our choices and seeking God’s insight on why we do what we do. In the areas where we have habitual problems, we will find that we are operating from a lie. When that has been persistent for an extended period of time, that lie was spoken into some wound and took root there. Chasing, asking, listening and waiting allows for the uncovering of that things that produces the things we hate. Then He heals it.

Often we don’t want to go there and/or don’t know it’s there in the first place. We’re too busy. Sometimes we’re too busy with Christian stuff to wait on Christ. Our well intended applications of His truth leave us frustrated when it’s more us trying to do than it is Him in us coming through. We strive for the right reasons but with the wrong methods.

He wants to change our hearts and the result will be our choices change along with it. We will find the healing, redemption and equipping for things to be different, but we have to wait on the One that makes things different. We can do good things, but He does supernatural things. When we wait.

4 thoughts on “Worth the Wait

  1. Here’s an analogy to consider in regards to transformation I’ve been mulling over. No analogy is perfect, but….

    Changing cable TV providers.

    1. First I must be convinced that I need to change. Cable/TV providers do by my messaging the benefits of the switch. God does it through the drawing of the Holy Spirit, a) revealing to us the damage our current carrier is doing, b) showing us a better, more fulfilling way is available. Sometimes he does this through messages, books. Sometimes he does this in a moment.

    2. Break the Agreement.

    Second, I must break an agreement with the previous carrier and form a new one with the new carrier. This is where encounter experiences like Quest, Victory Weekends, Encounter Retreats, Tres Dias come into play. They are environments where God’s power is revealed and we are led to do the radical breaking work necessary.

    3. Learn the process.

    When we recently moved from cable to Direct, the installer sat down for a bit with me and said, Here is how the remote is different and how it works. Here the menu, Here is how you set up your favorites. He, in effect, was showing me the process of living under the new contract/carrier. If I approached things like I did my old carrier, they either wouldn’t work or would leave me frustrated. This is where recovery ministry and ongoing spiritual family, like Restore (forgive the commercial), Celebrate Recovery, men’s development groups, women’s development groups are needed. To show men and women unfamiliar with the ways of the new carrier how to be enjoy life under a new agreement.

    Thus, it’s both/and/and more than either/or.



    • Jordan, I completely agree. Great insight. This is not one-size-fits-all nor is it “I went on the thing one time and got fixed” deal. We need the ongoing community and ministry that’s available in a local church. We need to draw away and encounter Him differently. We need to want to. All three are correct. I agree with you.

  2. Amen Scott! What you shared is so true for I am a recipient of God’s goodness, love and mercy! I Quested back in October 2016 in Georgia and God done an amazing work in my life and continues to do so each and every day!! I love spending time with Him and the intimacy we share. He truly loves me more than I could ever imagined. Thank you for sharing, ministering and allowing Papa to use you the way He does.

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