Prime Factor

dadIf we tend to the main thing, we’ll impact the other things. Finding the one factor that can change the other factors the most brings multiplication.

Men walking in their proper places will have a multiplying effect. If men will stand in their place as the head of families, the families can enjoy the benefit of the sacrifice. When a man properly serves his wife and family, it fosters a culture of honor where every member of that family is released to walk in their identity.

We don’t have to reinvent the wheel with various programs for every conceivable branch of the tree; we just need to tend to the roots. It is important for men to know they are the head of the home and that doesn’t mean that they are to rule over those that live there. It means that they are commissioned to make a way for the benefit of those that have been entrusted to them.

If we will call men into their place as the head, where they sacrifice for the benefit of others and foster honor by offering honor, the rest can fall into place. We won’t have to have nearly as many remedial or tangential efforts to try to manage consequences of homes that are out-of-order. We can simply go to ones that are called to tend to others and equip them for the multiplication that is available house to house.

Our services and programs have to be based in recognition that they exist for the equipping of others and not validation of the ministers. They need to call to hearts that are open to transformation and not intended to simply attract those seeking entertainment. Men will sit passively being entertained until and unless they are actively compelled to step into their place.

Their place is entirely about their hearts. They need a jump-start at a heart level much more than they need more information. Information is safe and easy while it can be managed to maintain the status quo. Going deeper won’t be their first choice, but without an option they will sit and observe where they are intended to be quickened to carry.

Want to minister to marriages? Minister to men. Want to minister to families? Minister to men.

Commission them to tend to their homes and release them to be the priests and kings they are designed to be. Women won’t feel left out, they will feel alive to follow in the wake of the way that is made safe for them. Children won’t want for entertainment, they’ll have a model and champion advocating for them.  Dads will show them the way to go instead of just talking about it, or worse, delegating the talking to a Sunday morning professional.

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