Not Going to Do it

cloudsFor the past couple of weeks, I’ve spent some time thinking about and writing about freedom. Freedom to walk in identity and purpose without the restrictions that come with self determination. Free to walk, run, shout and dance in passionate agreement with the purposes within us which exceed our individual limitations absent the catalyst of a release of eternal design.

What, then, do we settle for when what we are living is a mere suggestion of the depth of that possibility? After all, most of us are trying to be good people and many that read this blog are trying to follow Jesus. Where have we gone off track in what is meant to be free and passionate but comes out as bound and boring?

No matter how hard we try or how well intentioned we are, we simply cannot be good enough to accomplish enough to somehow reach a place where we’ve exceeded our depravity. We are born into a state that dictates a fallen nature. The transformation that is available through the sacrifice of Jesus allows for us to be shaped and changed by Him, through Him and from Him. He is the Source of transformation . . . only He can get us there. Not us trying to show Him how we can get there for Him or ahead of Him.

That’s why He said that His “yoke,” or commands are “easy” and “light.” (Matthew 11:30) They are easy and light because He’s doing the heavy lifting. He died for the fact that we can’t do the stuff good enough. As a result, we receive. Receiving should be easy.

So for the reception of freedom, we simply have to agree with His grace. We get to inherit more than we deserve, not earn more than we have. Less is more and giving up gets us everything. The more we try to prove our freedom or accomplish our ministry, the more we push against the grace of Jesus.

Jesus is the absolutely best deal any one of us can every imagine. He wants to pay the price, offer the benefit, grant the understanding and fuel the purpose. He wants to fill us and flow from us and all we have to do is be us. Even the worst part of us doesn’t run Him off, in fact, it’s that stuff that allows His glory to shine through us.

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