The Confidence of Belief

tintern_abbey-inside-2004Conviction of belief has no need to argue; it is self-assured even in the face of criticism. Strength doesn’t need to defeat opposition to be strength; it just is. Where faith actually becomes substance and evidence and not just opinion, it doesn’t need assistance. Objective is not fortified by subjective.

In Luke 23, Jesus is questioned by Pilate and is asked if He is the King of the Jews. Jesus, knowing who He is, responds basically with, “whatever you say.” He doesn’t argue, prove, debate or object. Jesus stands on the strength of conviction rooted in identity.

Jesus also doesn’t counter-assault. He neither attacks Pilate nor the Jews that presented Him for prosecution. He stands accused and never blinks at who He is.

Jesus was doing was more than just living out what was intended to eventually become Luke’s account. Jesus was modeling what we are called to be. He was putting on display what a Son looks like and acts like and presents Himself, even in the face of accusation. He was going to die so that we could become sons, too, but the die was cast and we all too often think that sons have privilege that deserves promotion where crucifixion was modeled.

Pilate is clearly uncomfortable with the assurance of Jesus and finds no fault in Him, punting to Herod to avoid the question. The quiet assurance of identity will bring out the insecurity of the those that don’t know Him as sons. We don’t need to be the ones that convict of where they miss the mark compared to the conviction of our belief, the conviction of our belief will allow that to happen without us winning any arguments.

Every one of us has insecurities of one form or another. When faced with absolute security, our insecurity is uncomfortable to the point of objection. We will be dissatisfied with our insecurity when exposed to the security of Jesus. We can feel His strength compared to our weakness and we face an internal choice of stepping into strength or preserving weakness.

Want to win the argument? Stand in the silence of conviction, answering only objectively and without the need to enter into personal combat. The strength of your identity will come through the submission of your insecurities and others will see Him objectively instead of being distracted by you subjectively.

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