First Class Passengers

Corporate-jet-001I had a boss one time who had enjoyed some success with the company we were working for. She had worked during the first part of her career as in-house counsel and been afforded the opportunity to handle some high-dollar, high-profile cases on behalf of the company. The profile and exposure of her cases put her in front of the company’s “C” level executives on numerous occasions.

As her career advanced, she accepted management positions which were outside of the practice of law which she had been focused on. In this new environment, she was responsible for people beyond herself and her influence was as important as her competence.

When working with people, there are conflicts. People who had their own agenda or competing interests would get into contentious discussions with her. Sometimes, in the heat of the situation, the tone of the conversation could become emotionally charged and even personal. In those times, it was more important than ever to remain calm and restrained from an emotional response.

My boss would use a technique she shared with me one time for those times which invited defensive reactions. She would, in the middle of the “attack” think to herself, “I’ve flown on the corporate jet.”

In a non-spiritual way, she was reminding herself of who she was. The context would provide the emotional buffer necessary not to jump into an emotionally charged dispute. The restraint would facilitate clear-headed wisdom and accommodate dispute resolution.

We need to be reminded or we will take the bait. Romans 8 tells us that the Holy Spirit will testify with our spirit regarding our identity. When He tells us who we are, we are more inclined to operate as such. When we do, we’ll avoid the emotional traps of offense and self-protection and allow Him who says it to defend it, as well.

We are going to find ourselves in situations where others are opposed to us. If we operate from the insecurity that comes when we forget who we are, then we allow for the attacker to dictate our context. When we are reminded by Holy Spirit that our identity is assured and our purpose is eternal, we are equipped to meet the accusations and contention with grace and wisdom.

You may never fly on a corporate jet but you have a greater status symbol in the King of Kings. Jesus labels you as His but we will forget in the heat of the moments of a world that might never know for themselves. We need to be reminded. We need to remember.

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