Crown of Excellence

BE79D041-D581-475A-BE95-284916E944FAIt’s good to be good and right to be right. It’s rewarding to win and satisfying to succeed. Good, right, winning and success, however, are meant to be viewed through a different lens than the American dream tends to suggest. We want it for us and those that come with us get the benefits of our provision. We show them we love them by the stuff that we buy them despite the cost of what we have taken from them in time and attention diverted to the mechanism of our success.

We chase the crowns of accomplishment at the cost of relationship. We give of ourselves to things other than them and are indignant when they don’t value the cheap crowns we offer as evidence of our competence. It’s them, our wives, that are the value that we sacrifice for the shiny objects that lure us from actual wealth.

“An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, but she who brings shame is like rottenness in his bones.” (Proverbs 12:4)

At first glance, this Proverb is about how a wife conducts herself, but if we look deeper, we’ll see a husband behind her. She’ll go where he makes a way and she’ll falter where he abandons her for him. Some might bring shame, but it’s a manifestation of his rottenness played out in her life and their relationship.

Today I celebrate an anniversary of marriage with my crown, Julie. She is excellent and of great value; greater than any other thing I could strive to attain. I am thankful for her and for our years together and our family. Her excellence is yet another picture of God’s grace as I have been rotten at times, yet she has not brought me shame. She brings me joy and love and incredible humility when I consider the treasure she is to me and our family.

I love you, Julie Ann, and am thankful for you. Happy Anniversary.

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