More Than 5 Days

IMG_0088I am thankful to get to do this. I love the opportunity I have to walk in the way that I have been designed. The cost is significant, but the value received exceeds the price paid. The quest for treasure yields treasure at the expense of the adventure.

I became familiar with Quest through several friends and attended my first event in 2008. This picture is me returning from that event. That’s little five-year old Olivia walking with Julie and I and four-month old Haynes is in the stroller. This picture hangs on the walls at Fellowship of the Sword with other pictures of people and families that have been impacted by what God does through this ministry.

My favorite pictures that are on the walls at the office are the reunion pictures. Dads with their children upon return from their encounter and the marvel in the eyes of both. Also, husbands and wives re-connecting where passion has been awakened through the layers of crud that had gotten piled on top of the infinite possibilities. Only one of the people in those photos went on the event, but families and generations are impacted through what God does in one heart.

The Quest is a quest of the heart. Like life, Quest is all about the heart. God is all about the heart. The Kingdom is all about the heart. From hearts that are healthy and alive, we can truly live.

While the jump-start of the catalyst that we call Quest is significant, the subsequent trips that I have made as a staff member bring increasing revelation, release and equipping each time. I’ve often referred to these events and this community of people as my seminary. These experiences and opportunities to grow have been instrumental in shaping my theology and been instrumental in the development of gifts which God designed within me.

Every time that we pursue Him, He is faithful to invite us further into Him. God continually invites us further into the mystery of Him for the celebration of Him and benefits of realizing His glory in new and powerful ways.

There is a quest available every day, all day and in various forms of invitation. A Quest event is a finite, intentional event that captures the reality of that broader invitation in 5 1/2 day events. The quest, however, doesn’t end with the return of a bus, it’s only the beginning for those that stay on quest after or in between Quest events. The quest from the Quest is played out in the hearts of families and generations that benefit from the change of a heart.

If you haven’t heard of or experienced a Quest event and want to add some fuel to your fire, email me at and/or visit

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