The Rain is Gone

dolphin-nasa-public-domain-ksc-04pd-0178It’s a new year! What are you going to do with it? How are you going to maximize the gifts and opportunities you have to develop them into all that you were intended to be? What is your vision for your life and, specifically, for the coming year?

Before you answer that question, hold on just a second. Our instinct is to come up with what we want to do and try to develop a plan to accomplish it. I’ll suggest to you that is vision, but not the kind of vision we are intended to operate in. We are invited into prophetic vision. Proverbs 29:18 calls for prophetic vision, or revelation, not just temporal human vision.

Prophetic vision is simply vision that sees things from God’s perspective. We are capable of doing that with “eyes to see” (Mark 8:18). We are positioned from our position with Christ, seated “in heavenly places” (Ephesians 2:6). We can see things differently through Jesus.

Prophetic vision requires that we see things differently, which requires us to pay attention and consider things differently. We seek vision from things we consider and we consider things we see. If we’ll pay attention, we’ll see the Kingdom and we’ll have context for our vision. We’ll be able to agree with what is created and not try to create something ourselves.

Typically, we consider visionaries as those that have an idea and implement that idea. Prophetic vision, however, is given to those that notice an idea and agree with God in what they notice. They see God in things and consider Him as they decipher what He has initiated. Strategy and tactics are not solely developed to support the vision, but to uncover the vision from the declarations of the situation.

What is God already doing? Where He is producing fruit, it is likely stirring enthusiasm. Where there is enthusiasm, there is passion and where there is passion there is likely purpose.

In the coming days heading into this new year, what is God actively doing in your life that you want to agree with Him about? What do you want to eliminate as you deem it to be something that doesn’t appear to be His idea? Narrowing the focus to agree with His stuff is vision for the Kingdom that gives you the power to agree with the King. Agreement with Him clarifies vision and orders steps towards the purposes within the context that you see clearly.

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