Sacrificing Strength

sacrificeMy natural bent is towards action. I am inclined to go there once I see there. In the Strengthfinder’s assessment, my #2 strength is “activator” and my #1 is “strategic.” So, according to that assessment, I’ll be inclined to see “it” pretty well and then be about doing “it” pretty quickly. As I said a couple of days ago here, there are strengths as well as blind spots in that.

I’m working with a team and I’ll pull the team towards action. In the middle of that contribution, if the other members of the team aren’t equally engaged we will likely get going too fast. I’ll take us to a break neck speed and be totally comfortable. Others, though, will be blown away.

I have to listen and they have to speak. It’s the strength of the team but it’s only a strength if all parties operate in whatever strength they offer and allow for others, too. The concert of strengths is what maximizes the capacity of the team.

If the team is a concert but it’s made up of only a single instrument, there are limits to music that can be accurately or adequately interpreted. Music is designed for orchestration. Teams are meant to be blended and complimentary, not isolated and exclusive.

When every member of a team feels like their strengths have a place of value, the result will be sweet and attractive. When a single member is the single reason for a team, start the clock towards dysfunction and expect turnover. The gifts within the group will be looking for a place to be expressed and if your team won’t allow for it, they will find a place that will. “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great.” (Proverbs 18:16)

Strategic activation is necessary for organizational dynamics, but so is learning and harmony and other gifts that might be sacrificed if not given room. It’s not easy for a strong gift to take a secondary place to another gift. The greatness of our design is that if we’ll sacrifice the strength of our gifts for the benefit of other gifts, we’ll actually become stronger in the whole than we were individually prior to that sacrifice.

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