Perpetual Honor

oath of honorWithin an organization where there is a built-in collaborative dynamic, honor will be fostered. Where there is honor, there will be value for people and where there is value for people, there will be loyalty. Loyalty will manifest as commitment and commitment will take the group to new places which exceed the limitations of a single person.

There is a tension which is required for the facilitation of collaboration and the potential of honor. The tension exists between the need for structure and the release of the gifts within individuals, no matter where they reside within that structure. An organization that isn’t structured cannot facilitate honor. At the same time, an organizational structure that depends entirely on the gifts of the top layer of leaders does not foster development for those that come behind them.

The tension is resolved within the design of honor. Honor is often interpreted and displayed as an offering to the leader. It is typically viewed as respect given to individuals of influence and position. Individuals that receive this type of deference can take the bait, if they are not careful. When told how great they are, they can start believing they are great and soon it will become all about their perceived or actual greatness.

This is why leaders absolutely must submit themselves and/or be submitted to accountability. Any of us are susceptible to believe things about ourselves that defeat our insecurities but are not rooted in eternal security. This perverted filling of a need for security produces twisted and insecure leadership practices.

Within a leadership model that ensures accountability, leadership is the place where honor is initiated. Honor is not bottom-up, but top-down. True leaders initiate honor for others within the organization not because others are more deserving by comparison, but because of the honor that is part of the leader’s character. Character that will produce honor for those whom it serves from a place of leadership is not natural, but developed.

The development of a leader’s character is the primary qualifier of that leader’s capacity. It’s not their education, experience, vision, gifts or skills that validate the leader, but it’s their character. A mature character comes with maturity and process. The process works out the impurities and flaws to develop the honor within the leader.

Leaders of character will develop leaders of character by honoring the potential of the next generation. That will not happen from a place of insecurity or need for affirmation. The developed leader will be the source of security and affirmation for those that follow. In those that follow, the organizational goals can hope for a perpetual solution. That solution is in people who are honored because those that went ahead were leaders of honor.



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