Slow Fade

cracksThe right foundation provides a basis for rest. When we have a firm and stable platform, the posture we can enjoy is one without anxiety. We can be thankful and engaging as we work from knowing that our feet are set firmly on solid ground. That’s useful, valuable and inviting to others as they crave the security and peace we are able to project.

For those that are called to lead, the call is not to lead from a place as king, but instead as collaborator. We won’t maintain the fruits of the King if we negate His presence and substitute evidence of our attempts from an inferior throne. While we might be able to fake it for a season, we’ll be found out sooner or later.

The Apostle Paul set in place teams of leaders with a diversity of gifts, not a single CEO to project himself as a superstar. The plan or design was and is for the individual to be a part of the whole. It protects both the whole as well as the individual.

Unhealthy and dysfunctional leadership is easy to spot and difficult to live with, yet the individual leader that is toxic is such by permission of design. When we put a single person in the place that is intended for a collaborative team, we are asking that person to do something that no one person can do. When asked to do something we aren’t capable of, insecurity is inevitable.

The inherent checks and balances that exist within a group that require collaborative leadership protect the group but also protect the individual. Any one of us, if left to our own devices, will move in pride and selfishness as we are fitted to a throne we were never intended to occupy. When we make idols of our leaders, we start the clock towards their demise.

Insecurity that comes from attempts at a collaborative design within the limits of an individual equipping requires mitigation. Since it isn’t possible to pull it off in a healthy way, unhealthy methods must be applied. Methods of control, manipulation, twists on the truth (lies), compromise, spin and other techniques that will protect the status quo. What starts with good intentions becomes destructive.

Those toxic traits get on people. They hurt people. With increasing hurt, there is increasing acceptance of casualties. Justification covers offenses to preserve the status of the reigning ruler and the body count rises. While the cost is real for those that are damaged, it is just as real for the one that started out with good intentions to share the treasure.

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