The Right Foundation

foundationIt’s a huge deal to do it in the right order and for the right reasons. If we choose to run off trying to do things our things and our way, we’ll establish a faulty foundation. From there, we can have some success, but it will be at a tremendous cost. We need to keep first things first without becoming our own source.

There is stuff we are invited to do. We have purpose and destiny that we are invited into. We are called to live a life that is significant beyond ourselves. Many of us compromise our acceptance of that call for a piece of the American Dream, but we never shake the internal itch to matter.

When we know Jesus as our King, we start to see eternity. We see His royal design and value the life He has afforded us through His death. We find a treasure and we want to, at least in some small way, share that treasure with others.

That want to is good and right and valid. The desire to share Him with others has eternal impact and takes us outside of ourselves. The next step is the tricky one. If we aren’t careful, we’ll run off trying to do stuff for Him instead of walking out that purpose with Him.

When we begin engaging the world with Jesus, if we don’t realize our identity and calling as facilitators, we can begin to believe it’s us they need to meet. If we don’t realize that He is the Source for others to connect to, we can start behaving as if we are the source they need. We’ll start thinking we are gods in God’s business.

Depending on your gifting, you can helpĀ others, teach the truth, deliver a word, develop a ministry and even grow a church. You can do all of that without Him and think that He’s there because His name is used. Him being referenced is not the same as Him being depended on.

If any one of us takes that bait and starts down that road, every indicator of success is another reinforcement that we are good at this. Every time we think we’re good at it, we realize from a deeper place in our soul that we are completely inadequate. While we can believe we are doing good, we know that it is either Him or it is doomed. That tension creates a tremendous insecurity as we scramble to reconcile the difference while maintaining success in His name.

You are called, invited, equipped and designed for great and glorious things. Every one of those things is an invitation to participate in what He is going to accomplish with or without you. If you want to be in on His stuff, just don’t forget Who’s stuff it is in the first place. From that remembrance comes the security intended from relationship with a King.

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