Eternal Supply

channelThe connection is critical to the multiplication. Reproduction of what is good requires a source of goodness. Where the well runs dry, there is no living water. The absence of living water, however, doesn’t always stop the flow of some other kind of substance attempting to masquerade as the real thing.

When we hold ourselves out as ambassadors and disciples, we are saying that the purpose of our lives is beyond ourselves. We are, as followers of Jesus, saying that He is the Source. We are deferring to and depending on His supply. We are not the manufacturers of His stuff, we are reservoirs intended to channel it for distribution.

Our capacity for distribution is directly tied to the development of our character. We get to pass it along but the degree to which we can contain it is tied directly to the degree to which we are transformed.

The transformation necessary for multiplication comes at a tremendous cost as suffering produces capacity. When we experience trials, our dependence on His supply is acute. From that acute encounter, we yield a little more of our soul for the display of His Spirit within us. We die to ourself to allow more of Him to come through less of us.

So the way for Him to come through us is for us to die to us. It’s terrifying and liberating all at the same time. We prefer comfort over sacrifice but enjoy the benefit His fruit and gifts. The paradox of the Kingdom is that less is more, death is life and last is first. If we’ll give up, He’ll come through.

If we won’t give up, however, and we try to manufacture fruit like substance from the sourcing of our own soul, we’ll find the attempt to be frail. When we think we know about Him and rely on that knowledge over His presence, we’ll manufacture a religious reproduction of the relational Original.

It will work for a while. It’s proven that man can attract, entertain and direct people and even masses of people in the name of Jesus. That dance, however, comes at the cost of the soul of the one that is attempting to manufacture eternal fruit from the temporal supply of his own soul. That drain, over time, without the refreshment that comes in yielding to the Supplier, will eventually catch up.

Want to give it away? We are all invited but that can’t become a professional endeavor or burdensome attempt. There is only one Source and it is connection to Him that supplies what we seek to share.

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