You Be You

sunglassesThe greatest things are simple. When we complicate things that have tremendous value, the treasure gets lost in the treasure hunt. Sometimes we need to simply allow the treasure to speak for itself.

If you are living life from a desire to give it away, there are some practical ways to foster those opportunities. The practical eventually gives way to the supernatural, however, and there is an intersection of moving from the visible to the invisible. The only way to make an eternal change is by way of introduction to the eternal Source.

How do we do that? How do we share Jesus and what He has done for us without being judgmental, rigid, legalistic and alienating? How do we actually represent Him and not a Republican, suburban expression of how we think others should act in His name?

It’s actually simple. Just tell your story. Living in a way that facilitates giving it away as described in my last blog post, there will be natural, relational and non-threatening ways to share. When you face those intersections, consider sharing your story:

  1. What it looked like before Jesus – a description of your condition when depravity was given its place as primary. It doesn’t need to glorify sin or contain “big” sins that society rejects. What was the condition of your heart? Did you know joy? Peace? Love?
  2. What it looked like when you met Jesus – Alan Smith asks the question like this: “Can you tell me a time when you met Jesus and, after that, everything changed?” This requires encounter and new birth. It’s the antithesis of religion and self-will towards moral rule keeping. It’s the validity to who you are in Him; a new creation.
  3. What it looks like since meeting Jesus – what does your relationship with an invisible God look like? What is the fruit He is cultivating in your life look like? From a place of vulnerable transparency, what is still being worked out in you?

The sharing of Jesus is the sharing of relationship. Our ideas, theory, rationale and positions regarding Jesus don’t invite an introduction to Him, they invite an argument about Him. Nobody can argue with a vulnerable sharing of your story.

Here’s the deal . . . your story is about you. And Him. How the other person reacts to your story is about them. And Him. Don’t own their reaction. Just offer the sacrifice of transparency without expectation or agenda. You can’t save anybody and if they reject Jesus it’s not your fault. Just represent Him for who He is in your life. Maybe they’ll want Him in their life, too. Or not.

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