Enjoying the Way

wayThis deal is never as sterile and never as perfect as we imagine it can be. We can white board ideas and implement good intentions but the application always falls short of the expectation. There are always downs that go with the ups and as we strive towards the plateau of perfection.

Our purpose depends on our perseverance and our perseverance is only as sustainable as our tolerance for imperfection. If we can’t get past the gaps between expectations and reality, we’ll deem the endeavor a failure and move on to our next disappointment. Our ability to see the possibilities in the failure is directly tied to our success rate.

Jesus unleashed a movement of the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. His marketing and growth strategies were contained, carried and cut loose heart by heart. He picked us as His delivery mechanism and He picked some messed up “us” in Peter, James, John and company to get the whole thing started. Apparently, Jesus was able to see past the imperfections of men and their flawed application of His perfect plan.

The implications of the greatest transformation strategy ever deployed are infinite, but two immediate realizations are:

  1. We accept our imperfections – Jesus accepted us and commissioned us despite our “stuff,” so why argue with Him? If we can’t get past our self focus to agree with His grace focus, we’re stuck short of the intent of our design.
  2. We accept imperfections in others – It has to go in this order as you likely won’t give away what you have never realized and received for yourself. When raising children, leading others, making disciples, etc., there is no hope for success if you can’t maintain hope for them despite their hopeless exhibitions of humanity.

There is another consequence to the acceptance of imperfection as the reality of our condition. The net result of a graceful offering from a grace filled operator is joy. There is an opportunity to enjoy the ride when the bumps of the ride are expected, forgiven and even appreciated. We get to have some fun along the way when the way is appreciated for what it is.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence but “Christianity,” as we call it today, wasn’t originally know as “Christianity” in the early church of the book of Acts. The original label for Christ followers were those that we walking in “the Way.”

One thought on “Enjoying the Way

  1. I like the line, “If we can’t get past our self focus to agree with His grace focus, we’re stuck short of the intent of our design.”. It’s something that I can take with me and use later.

    I also enjoyed learning that Christianity was originally known as “the way” It feels comforting.

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