Hovering Within

helicopterEver see an aircraft in your area and wonder what they are doing there? Sometimes the military may be doing some exercises nearby or maybe the police are using a helicopter for police work. The sight of the aircraft hovering or flying by catches your eye and you pay attention. You notice the sights, sounds and maybe even smells, depending on how close it is. As you notice and consider what is going on, it may be difficult to determine the purpose behind the flight.

The Holy Spirit hovers. “The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” Genesis 1:2.

The original language for the word “hovering” there indicates not only hovering, but also softening. Interestingly, the original language for the word “waters” includes the idea of “danger.”

Where there is danger, darkness and things without form which are empty (void) in our lives, the Holy Spirit hovers. He’s there and wants to work on our behalf. He wants to make things better, for His glory and our good. The progress in that hovering, however, typically starts with our softening. When we are soft and pliable, we will be changed and shaped.

When we have trouble or voids in our lives, we want God to help. We cry out for Him to fix things. We feel He has left us or forgotten us, but He hasn’t. He’s there and He’s hovering.

His hovering, however, is often first and foremost to soften us and not just to fix our problems. He wants to change us from the inside out from the things that we are going through. He’s looking to shape our character in the process of our experience to grow us into mature kids of His. As we mature, we increase in our capacity to carry His glory and represent Him on earth as it is in heaven.

As we face things in life, it’s healthy and right to look for God in them. The next step in seeing Him, however, is critical to our maturity. The next step is to ask what He is softening in us to shape and develop as He works on our behalf beyond us and into our circumstances. He is faithful in our lives and evidence of that is often within us before it’s around us.

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