Greater Glory Burns

burning-skyThe plan and the outcome have undoubtedly been good and I am thankful. I couldn’t have imagined the depth of this life from the shallowness of my previous lifestyle. I have enjoyed the reward of cooperating in a commissioning that brings greater value and meaning than any plans I could have ever come up with.

I was spending a day on a hill near a windmill when the Lord spoke to me differently than I had ever acknowledged before. It was several years into the journey that started with the surrender in the living room. Things were already markedly better, but there was more freedom to be had. There on that hill as I was considering the goodness of God in my circumstances, my spirit recognized His Spirit saying, “I am Who I say I Am and I do what I say I will do.”

It was such a powerful revelation that it brought me to my knees. I was knocked down by the realization of the voice of God in a more powerful way than I had ever considered. I was knocked down by the goodness of God differently than I had ever acknowledged. I was knocked down by the promise of God being more personal than I had ever received.

What I didn’t know at the time was that the affirmation in my spirit of His faithfulness was going to be necessary. The next year, our business failed and everything changed. I needed to know more than ever that God was for me and not against me. I needed to know that He would work it all out for His good, and that His good was better than any plan I could come up with.

His goodness, I would soon discover was for my character. He was interested in my heart and soul much more than He was in my circumstances. He would walk me into incredibly difficult circumstances and never leave me and I would come out on the other side different. His equipping was from the inside out at the cost of comfort and control.

The possibilities are greater and better than any of us can imagine but imagination isn’t what realizes our destiny. God will walk us into a greater destiny than we could dream up if we’ll give Him our “yes” even at the cost of our everything. He will take us to the next glory but the path often leads through fire. The fire refines us and burns away the¬†limitations of our soul for the infinite possibilities of His Spirit.



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