Contagious Fame

carpetWhen we see something as a chore, we may be able to accomplish the task but we won’t be able to conjure up any passion. We won’t convince other by our words or deeds that the thing we are doing is something they should do, too. We may go through the motions and accomplish the goal but the result of our effort will be limited to our effort. There will be no movement or multiplication where others want to do that thing, too. People follow conviction, not compulsion.

Many of us approach the disciplines associated with discipleship with a compulsion much more than we do from a conviction. We wake up, read the Bible, say the prayers and maybe even sing the songs. We may keep a journal but we do so to diary progress more than to naturally interact with the supernatural.

In Matthew 9: 27-31, Jesus heals two blind men. They were blind and now they see. Obviously, that is a big deal. With His healing, however, He “sternly warned them” not to tell anyone. It wasn’t time for Jesus to unveil His identity to the ruling authorities. Despite His warning, “they went away and spread his fame through all that district.”

These men didn’t have any compulsion to tell others about Jesus. In fact, they were warned by Him not to, but they couldn’t contain themselves. After all, they were blind and now they could see. The conviction born of their encounter exploded up and out of them without any apparent ability to restrain themselves.

Too many of us have reduced out walk with Jesus to a list of stuff to do with the best of intentions. We do the stuff and even try to tell others so that they might do the stuff, too. Daily devotionals, church attendance, tithing and evangelism all become a part of our routine and we invite others into routine mimicking of the things that someone showed us.

They couldn’t contain themselves because they were blind and now they see. Their encounter changed their lives in practically every way possible. They spread His fame from their transformation and gratitude. They were absolutely convinced that everyone should know Him so they could see, too.

Do you want conviction for stuff that you believe? Remember. Remember when you were blind. Remember what it was like to be lost in the dark and what it was like to see after meeting Him. Even if it isn’t as tangible as the restoration of physical sight, remember the taste of grace that released you from guilt and introduced you to the Father’s love. As you remember, you’ll want more and as you want more, the want is what others will see in you. It will make Him famous.

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