Five Fold Flow

logjamThe times that we are called into the company of others for their benefit are the times that our purpose is most discernible. We can feel the satisfaction of that purpose to such an extent that it is almost tangible. Meaningful engagements ruin us to ever be satisfied with the routine and material pursuits that will overwhelm us if never forced to yield to these rich times of depth.

We won’t know the quickening of our desires if we buy into the lies surrounding church, gifts, purpose and engagement. We will never know the glory of God flowing through the community of God if we think it’s about a position or a degree. If we think the guy that works at the church is the one that is supposed to do that stuff, the best we can hope for is an introduction. With the introduction and handoff to the professional, the lies surrounding our purpose are reinforced.

The future expressions of the Kingdom of God will be dependent on the people of God recognizing their place in the family of God. The church goer will be affirmed in their place as a son/daughter of God. The son/daughter of God will be affirmed in their place as a priest. The priest will minister first to the Lord, always to their family and continually in the marketplace.

It’s the priesthood of the believer that will advance the Kingdom in the currently shifting political and cultural environment. It’s the ministry that happens in relationship with people who won’t go to church but always go to work that will bring light into the darkness. If the light carriers think that the light is only carried by professionals, we’ll miss the current invitation.

“And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry . . . ” Ephesians 4: 11-12

The role of the “five-fold” ministry is to equip others, namely the saints, for the work of the ministry. If church leadership is the only group that is doing the work of ministry then they aren’t:

  1. Equipping others for the work of ministry and/or
  2. Not allowing others to do the thing that they are to be equipped in.
  3. The result is a log jam at the top which was never intended.

That log jam is only undone with a release of the body to be the body where the body works, plays and engages day-to-day. Monday through Saturday, not just Sunday. Around all kinds of people who might disagree, not just in the friendly confines of forced friendliness that houses those that claim to believe the same stuff. That’s when and where the Kingdom does Kingdom stuff and we are all invited into that stuff with the King.


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