Upside Down & Out of Control

netherlands-85048_640When radical becomes tame, it is transformed from its essence to a compromised variation which actually works against its original intent. When passion is exchanged for reason and control, no remnant of the fire that originally burned will survive. The result is a entirely different presentation which is not the original at all. While this is fine if the original needed refinement, it is a travesty where the original was eternally designed.

When there is a compromise which is sold as the truth, the truth becomes irrelevant to the believer of the compromise. The truth is archaic through the lens of a believer that perceives their accepted compromise to be relevant, applicable and contextual.

In Acts 17, the establishment is reacting to the uprising of a new Kingdom and in their search to destroy the carriers of the Gospel, they drag Jason out of his house. As they extract Jason from his home, they say, “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also, and Jason has received them, and they are all acting against the decrees of Caesar, saying that there is another king, Jesus.”

Paul and the others that they were seeking were the “men who have turned the world upside down.” That’s what they were accused of, along with their proclamations of Jesus as King. The description of their accusation was that they have turned the “world upside down.” That’s the Gospel of the Kingdom; upside down and backwards from carnal and religious norms.

  • Upside down is out of control
  • Upside down is abandoned to everything you thought you knew
  • Upside down releases restraints placed on faith
  • Upside down is outrageous and dangerous compared to the establishment of religion.

Most of us today do not live our lives in a way that would invoke any kind of objection at all. We fit nicely within societal expectations of religion and are safe in our houses of compromise. We have bought the substitute at the expense of the original. The original gets you dragged out of your house while the substitute ensures payment of the mortgage.

Without the passion of the Kingdom, we are reduced to a form of rule following consistent with the Pharisees. Society rejects a judgmental, passionless bunch of rules that won’t get anyone dragged out of their house. Culture invalidates messengers that don’t believe their version of truth enough to risk it. Even the truth itself testifies against the compromise.

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