How to Hold

holdThe foundational discipline in the art of facilitation is the ability not to say anything. How crazy is that? Presumably, there is something in you worth sharing in order to be positioned in such a way to influence and lead others. Yet, the qualifier is holding that very thing until such time as it is ripe to be released.

The discipline of “hold” is contingent on maturity of character which is founded in certainty of identity. If you don’t know that you know who you are, you will work from the insecurity of needing affirmation. That insecurity will prevent deference to what is going on in another and insist on attention. As such, the equipping of a faith-based facilitator is a development of character as much as it is knowledge or ability.

Character development is a process. If any one of us believes we have reached the place of accomplishment in that process, it’s a great indicator that we are worse off than we thought. The willingness to allow the flaws of our soul to be worked out in community is critical to the development of our character. If we won’t consistently go “there,” we certainly won’t have the credibility to lead others anywhere of any consequence.

Without receiving God’s commissioning and walking in the honor He affords us by including us, we won’t offer others honor without them performing for it. This will lead to judging and comparing that will prevent us from them working out things with the Lord as we will want to fix them. Honor allows it to still be about Him and not about our ministry.

Without a willingness to check and submit ideas before they become words, we become dangerous. We’ll think another person’s freedom is found in our understanding instead of their connection to the Source of freedom. Submission requires admission that we might be wrong and from that humility is a good way to handle another person’s heart.

Without the  character to hold, we’ll seek to create a kingdom of “me” instead of representing the Kingdom of God. Any kingdom built on the foundation of me is certain to fall.

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