Worse is Better

empty-tombIt’s actually much worse than you can imagine. The darkness that resides in what appear to be socially acceptable and upstanding people exceeds the publicity for said darkness. Nobody is exempt from the depravity of mankind and belief systems, opinions or even faith-based occupations won’t exempt a single one of us.

The cries of “hypocrite” in the public square following the fall of a public figure that proclaims faith in Jesus are accurate and ignorant simultaneously. There aren’t any perfect people. The imperfection of the Jesus follower does not negate the truth of Jesus. Public profession in Jesus as Savior is not a statement of self-righteousness (or at least it shouldn’t be); it’s an admission of no righteousness outside of Him. Christianity, by its very nature, is an admission of guilt.

When non-believers and skeptics see others that stand on Jesus as truth publicly stumble and fall, there is a natural reaction towards “See, they don’t even believe what they are peddling.” To the contrary, because of their evident depravity and professed faith, they likely have great conviction regarding their need for grace. They know that without the grace of Jesus as their righteousness, they don’t have any hope at all. In fact, without His forgiveness and sacrifice, they don’t even know where to start in picking up the pieces of lives shattered by consequences.

At the same time, the public disclosures of private faults should remind every believer that the world is in need of the very same grace realized by any that have met Jesus. They need to know His love and grace, not the rules, laws, clichés and prohibitions of the religious right.

Culture demands we meet them with the grace of Jesus or just shut up. We don’t get to dictate the culture via mandate to whatever degree we ever might of, and that’s a gift. The gift of minority status requires dependence on the love and kindness of God to lead people to repentance, not the threat of alienation or even damnation.

The arguments of a “Christian nation” or mandates of a “moral majority” didn’t work just like laws attempting to replicate love never works. Love won’t be represented by statute; only by agency. Walk in the gift of minority status today and give away the grace, love and kindness that might invite others to change their mind about the Jesus they see in you.

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