Time to See; Time to Change

castleThere was a morning a while back that I intentionally set aside. The calendar for this particular morning was cleared. Social media was ignored and the phone was set on silent. There was a break from the natural routine in pursuit of an unpredictable encounter. This was very much on purpose and very much with the belief that the effort would not be made in vain.

The morning went as planned related to the lack of interruption and do you know what happened? Nothing. The morning came and went and there was no discernible difference in my insight, encouragement, revelation or knowledge than there had been the night before. It was neither discouraging nor particularly encouraging.

Then, in the coming days, things unfolded. The things that had been on my mind and in my prayers began to take shape. My dreams didn’t all come true in the coming days, but I began to see things differently. The things that were distractions and/or concerns looked different as God started to show me different views of them. The top layers got peeled back and I saw things more deeply.

At noon on the day that was set aside, I would have told you nothing happened. At noon a week later, I would tell you that everything has changed. The facts, circumstances and challenges were almost identical from one noon to the next. It was me that changed.

  • God is faithful, but He is not a genie in a lamp
  • When we seek Him, we will find Him but the finding doesn’t scratch things off of our wish list
  • When we find Him, we tend to find Him within us more than in our circumstances
  • The wisdom and insight He reveals from His Spirit within us guides us to maneuver with Him through our situations.

Setting time aside nurtures relationship and invests in the invitation of prayer that we offer Him as permission to take us to greater knowledge of Him. There is no promise of lightning bolts or shooting stars, but there is promise of relationship. From that relationship, we get to see things from a heavenly perspective and as our eyes adjust our situation appears different. It’s not the situation that changed, however, it’s us.

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