Freedom’s Highway

crowd-at-busy-street-112796349208DaPI’ve seen it work for people no matter what they believe. It doesn’t take conviction for an apple to experience gravity when falling from a tree. It doesn’t take faith to experience the truth and enjoy the benefits. In the benefits, as we witness the evidence of the truth, faith grows. We can sit there and try real hard not to believe but undeniable is undeniable and once we stop denying, we begin believing.

The road to freedom is transparency. If and when we’ve got the courage to simply admit “it,” whatever “it” is for us, things can change. In our admission is the benefit of light flooding darkness. The hidden things become evident and the evidence of a redemptive King becomes undeniable.

Perpetual problems and poor choices in our life are evidence of the human condition and the human condition is sick. We are born broke but not broken and it’s in our brokenness that we find freedom. Freedom releases us from those sick life patterns that haunt us to the point that we often adopt them as part of our personality and design. The Designer didn’t include sickness as part of the blueprint; that came from Adam and Eve as a consequence of their rebellion.

It’s so simple that it’s silly and it’s simplicity is in James 5:16, which prompts us to just admit it to one another. Admit our faults, sins, trespasses, etc. Admit that we are missing the mark so we change our mind and get back on target. According to that passage, admit is so that we can be healed. We can be healed from the inside out.

It’s specific, though, that the admission is from one person to another. There is power in actually saying it out loud to another person, not a silent declaration of an “unspoken” or even time alone with God wailing about our problems. The freedom comes in the agreement where two or more are gathered and the stuff is identified, exchanged, prayed over and healed.

The road to freedom is a road of transparency. It’s raising our hands and saying, “I don’t have this thing figured out in my life and I need to change my mind. I need some healing in this area.” The road to freedom is not a lonely strip of highway with nobody around, but a road trip with others where life is talked about like yellow cars are called out along the way.

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