Five Steps Towards Destiny

eagleThe process starts within us and it is meant to be applied beyond us. It’s not about us, but we’re invited. The destiny of significance that was in our original design requires transformation of our soul. The transformation of our soul develops us into our place as agents of transformation.

Everybody would prefer a lottery ticket but children with money tend to waste more than they multiply. When we are serious about the fulfillment of our destiny as driven by the passion of our purpose, we’ll willingly submit to the development of our character. When we know who we are, we are willing to sacrifice the distractions that deter us for the sake of a greater goal than our comfort.

Buy the ticket and take the ride even when the road is bumpy. Getting there quick and easy leaves us insecure in our relative incompetence. From that insecurity, we’ll never enjoy the benefits of destiny as we’ll be so afraid of being found out for our faults that we won’t fully deploy the gifts of our strengths.

  1. Start with the end in mind – embrace the fact that there is a design towards a destiny in your DNA and it was put there by the Designer. You were created to do great and glorious things.
  2. Hear and obey – it would be overwhelming to attempt to pull off a supernatural destiny with natural tools. Develop a relationship with Jesus that affords the kind of intimacy which puts you in position to co-labor with Him by direction of the Counselor. Sons of God are led by the Spirit of God.
  3. Persevere – discomfort and even suffering is part of the deal; don’t freak out or give up. Stay in community where iron sharpens iron and encouragement flows. Encouragement gives courage and the Comforter brings comfort; we’ll need both if we’re stepping into the call.
  4. Accept the benefits of maturity – allow for the wisdom that He is producing through your persistent obedience to manifest as you begin to agree with Him in how you think. Teenagers don’t stay in driver’s education forever; eventually they get their license and keys to the car. Drive.
  5. Do what you want – the process isn’t for the sake of the process but for the advancement of the Kingdom. The development of our character equips us in that we increasingly reflect His character. Trust that He trusts you because He’s in you and allow for your aligned passions to be released. Have some fun.

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