You Choose

everyone-has-a-choiceTwo different types of intersections likely means two different entrances. The way in for one isn’t the way in for the next. If we reach a new place and treat it as if it was the same as the former place, we’ll be applying old directions to a new scenario. We need the wisdom to discern the type of intersection we are approaching to successfully maneuver through the opportunity.

In my last post, I raised the issue of two different intersections of transformation. One is for the development of our character and the second is for the application of a developed character. It would be nice if each opportunity came with a bow wrapped around it and a written indication of what it was that God was leading us into. The seasons of character development and Kingdom agency overlap and cycle and merge and rotate. Our expectations change depending on the current reality as far as we can discern it.

  1. Personal Transformation Comes by Invitation – the Lord quickens our heart with a call to a new place. When we answer with “yes” we can expect some level of discomfort and even suffering. The process of transformation requires that the old is burned away to give way to the new. The requirement of entering this season is obedience. It’s the more challenging of the two intersections because suffering is painful but its the easiest of the two intersections because its simple as its either “yes” or “no” to a particular call.
  2. Kingdom Application Comes from our Desires – we get to pick. We’ve gone through the process and we’ve grown in maturity now we get to walk out the thing we are designed for. He trusts His mature children to carry on the family business. When we are matured through the process of transformation, we get to walk in our maturity. There is a buffet table available and we get to pick. It’s not intimidating unless we have the mindset of an orphan who doesn’t feel deserving of good things from the Father. The challenge is in the fact that He’s not telling us, but instead is trusting us.

Love allows others to choose, otherwise it isn’t love, its manipulation. God is love so He lets us choose. He lets us choose whether or not we are going to submit to His transformation of our soul and we get to choose if we are going to go on mission with Him. If we’ll agree to the first, we’ll want the second. When we get to the second, however, we can’t treat it like the first.

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