Intersections of Transformation

roundaboutThere is more than one kind of opportunity just like there are various kinds of intersections. If we treat a roundabout like a four-way stop, it’s going to cause confusion, back up traffic and potentially result in an accident. We have to recognize the opportunities we are facing for what they are and evaluate the intersection we are approaching appropriately. When we are skillful in our assessment and choices, we’ll navigate towards the greater goal successfully.

There are two kinds of opportunities that we face as we walk in our purpose towards our destiny:

  1. Transformation Opportunities, and
  2. Transformation Opportunities

At first glance, they appear the same but we have to adjust our lens to view things differently. We have to differentiate between the internal and the external; the heart from the hands. The only way to get to #2 is to first go through #1 and we all want #2 but most of us don’t want to deal with the pain and work of #1. Let’s clarify the two opportunities:

  1. Internal Transformation Opportunities – this is the process of development that we go through to mature in the gifts that we have been given. It’s the development of our skill in areas where we have been gifted and the maturing of our character to carry a greater weight of God’s glory. It’s the application of Hebrews 12 in which the temporal aspects of our soul are burned away for the increasing revelation of His spirit from within us. Burning burns; this isn’t easy.
  2. External Transformation Opportunities – this is the application of our developed skills originating from our gifts and passions. It’s getting to do what we are designed to do in the context we are designed to do it within. It’s agreeing with the King about Kingdom business and being agents of change in our families, workplace and community. It’s being on mission day in and day out with the satisfaction that comes with eternal significance in the areas of our efforts. It’s the joy of purpose with meaning as people and things around us are transformed by Him through us.

We require transformation internally in order to be effective agents of transformation in the circumstances externally. Our success and ability in the application of #2 depends entirely on our willingness to submit to #1. Our destiny is potentially glorious in its Kingdom application but the price for that glory is the pain that comes with the development of a character which is able to handle the weight of the glory.

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